Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Bath

People who say global warming doesn't exist are crazy. The strange highs and lows and more extreme weather patterns are indicative of something not quite right. Sunday was a balmy -25 C and today is a tropical 2 C. As the weather was so very fabulous (although I do wish it wouldn't melt) I decided to come home early and take the dogs for a walk up the hill. Tessa who prior to now was under house arrest even accompanied us.

The snow in the fields is winter boot to knee deep (and I'm 5'8") so the going was heavy. Bella had the long leg advantage and bounded ahead of us. Of course Reba would have none of this. But Reba's legs are considerably shorter and she basically hopped and leaped to get through it. Tessa, the Queen of the Universe had to tell off the other dogs, for daring to pass her in the race to the top of the hill. Once we reached the half way point I stopped and just let the dogs run and play around me.

Bella and Reba raced and wrestled while Tessa shoved her face into the snow, scooping it up with her nose. As she developed the wild eyed look I began egging her on. Clapping and shouting, pretending to run. Suddenly, Tessa took off, racing down the hill only to abruptly throw her body off the path. On her side, with her legs propelling her down, she snoodled and rolled. Only to jump up, run to a different spot and snoodle and roll some more.

Because of the warmth the snow was wet and heavy, slowing her down. For some reason she loves to slide down the hill on her side and back. This was her first opportunity to do this this year, but in year's past she's slide a good 10 meters down the hill, more if the snow is the right consistency. It must feel pretty good because she's always so very pleased with herself after she finishes.

Ahhh! The simple joys of a snow bath!

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