Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Mysterious Minds of Dogs

When Tessa first had her leg splinted I took her into PetSmart and had her "try" some dog beds out. Why did Tessa need to try her bed? Because Tessa is a picky dog who thinks she's human. This means she scorns things like dog beds in favor of my bed or my chair. We found a lovely blue velour covered foam mattress with a built in pillow that she would sit on. So I bought the bed and brought it home. With some coaxing and snuggle time with me sitting on her bed she gradually started sleeping on it beside my bed at night.

Five years ago my mom had bought her a deluxe bed filled with cedar chips, fluffy and cozy. Tessa has refused to sleep on this bed. Ever. Until now. For some unknown reason Tessa has decided this bed is now okay and for the last few weeks she's been using it for her naps. Why now? If I had the answer I'd likely be rich. Last night she even spent part of the night on it. I'd love to post a picture of her curled up on her bed because she's just so cute. But she despises getting her picture taken. Oh well. Some days I wish she could talk...

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