Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Driving Me Nuts

Whiskey's skin issues are driving me nuts. Just when I think I have things under control I discover more things. I had been keeping her tail up because I've been contemplating showing her halter at some of the local AQHA shows. Yesterday I took her tail down and am just leaving it. Whatever skin things she has seems to have migrated to her tail. She now has a lovely bald patch just below the base of her tail. Grrrr!

It seems that it never fully clears up. I'm treating her with the stuff my vet mixed up for me for all the good it seems to be doing. Wearing my latex gloves, I literally start at her head and work my way back to her tail on each side. I seem to be able to clear up each spot, but each day I find new spots. I'm starting to feel a wee bit frustrated. With the warm weather none of my horses are wearing blankets, and unless the weather gets extreme I'll leave her naked now just in case the blanket is the root of my problem (shouldn't be though - I wash them fairly regularly, give them sunlight and spray them with Vircon periodically). Meanwhile, Whiskey looks positively rough around the edges. Her once lustrous coat a patchwork of bald spots from where the fungal (??) once resided.

So here I am, my one "broke" horse - lame and covered in nasties. Sigh. (If I could get her skin things under control, I'd move ahead with the injections to see if I can get her healthy.)

In the picture: A close up of Whiskey's flank and haunch.

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