Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can't Help But Laugh

The last two days have been a comedy of errors. Yesterday, upon my arrival home, I walked out to Reba's run to set her free. I've been working on having her sit, I open the gate, then give her some pets. As I was bent over at the waist, completely focused on Reba telling her what a wonderful little girl she is, blissfully unaware as Bella comes barrelling around the corner. Well she must have misjudged her stopping distance because I had the rude awakening of a giant dog head sliming up my head then down my face.

While it's not uncommon for Bella to come barrelling up to me, this is the first time a collision of this sort has occurred. For a large dog she's freakishly good about not jumping and trying to lick faces when you lean over.

Today, I was once again treating skin ickies. Whiskey is 15.3hh. So I'm perched on a snow bank, squirting and rubbing the solution into her haunches and back. Whiskey decided this was too easy for me and shifted out of range. So I slide down from my perch and begin the tip toe reach. As I go to rub the solution into her coat (it needs to penetrate), the hair sprays the solution back at me, splattering my face and glasses. As I normally wear latex gloves, I'm curious to see just how this stuff reacts with my skin. Surely it can't be too bad...

In the picture: Bella and I sitting in the snow.

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