Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Tuesday, after a rotten day at work, I pulled into the yard, parked my car in the garage, gathered up all my "junk" and exited. As I walked out of the garage my furry greeting committee enthusiastically met me. It literally felt as though a giant weight was power lifted off my shoulders. All the days ills were mostly forgotten.

I had Bella leaning into my legs in doggy love, Reba running and yipping her excitement and Tessa howling a welcome.  As I sat later that night on the couch with Tessa sitting curled up on my lap groaning and grunting, pushing her little body into mine I thought, there's something about animals that's good for a person's soul.  A little doggy or horsey love makes the world feel so much better.

Oh, wondering how Bella is doing with her night prison?  Well, I haven't been able to get her into her house - at all.  She instead lies down with the horses in the straw pile, roots deep into the straw when I call her name.  You can just see her thinking - "See, I'm a good girl, look at me sleeping with my horses."

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GreenRanchingMom said...

I totaly agree! The love of an animal ALWAYS fixes my problems, all of them. Scratch some chins for me.