Monday, January 26, 2009

The Dogs

Bella is a purebred Maremma Livestock Guardian dog.  She was born November 2007 near Sangudo, Alberta.  Her mom is a registered import from Italy and her dad is an unregistered Canadian bred.  Bella is a playful big girl who loves to run.  She often tries to play with the sheep and horses much to their horror.  While she appears full grown she is still very much a puppy.  I plan to breed her during her next cycle and spay her after her pups are weaned.  She has such a wonderful personality and guarding traits that I hate to spay her immediately.

Reba is an ABCA registered Border Collie who was born February 2008.  She was bred near Valleyview, Alberta and came to me through some tough luck for her breeder.  You see Reba's mom jumped off the tractor while helping with chores and broke her leg.  Keith's bad luck was good for me as he previously hadn't planned on selling her.  She is an easy going dog who is a snarky rotter with other dogs.  Her saving grace is her very keen interest in stock and drive to please.

Tessa is an unregistered purebred Border Collie who hates having her picture taken.  She was born in December 2001 near Consort, Alberta.  Her lines include Peter Gonnet and Alvin Kopp breeding.  She is a spoiled rotten, tough minded dog who gets to live the good life in the house.  She's also my darling, the one who got me started with stock dog trials, and my money pit.  But I love her anyway.

And that's the dogs.

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