Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Day!

Every once in a while you have a truly great day. A day in which everything just work out. Good Karma in full force. Today was a great day. It started out with Tessa hopping up into my bed (not a daily occurrence) and curling into the nook of my body for a snuggle. So we listened to some classic country tunes and had a bonding moment.

When I went outside, the sun was bright and warm. A wonderful thing to experience in January in Alberta. The next wonderful thing was being able to catch both Buddy and Roxy who think it's oodles of fun making me work for it. I walked out into the corral, straight up to Buddy, gave him a scratch on his face, walked up to Roxy gave her a scratch on the bum and continued on with my chores. Because I planned to work Reba I separated the horses from the sheep. Which was quickly accomplished rather than the gong show it can turn into.

As it was morning and I like for Tessa to have her outside time I risked having both her and Reba out. With a little luck I'd be able to use Tessa to help hold the sheep so Reba didn't have to work so hard. Normally, this is a non-issue, but with Tessa full of pent up energy, her listening skills have not been stellar. I chanced it today and it worked great!

I positioned Tessa, gave her the lie down command, walked to the sheep and called Reba. Reba walked in with head and tail lowered, moving to the side I let her go around. Not only did Reba circle both directions, I was able to get her to walk up which is a pretty big deal. Especially, since it was the ram she had to walk up to. Like a champion she gave him the eye and walked into his space. Each time he faced her she didn't back down, sending him back into the flock. I was overjoyed with her because it's very intimidating for a young dog to face off with a sheep, particularly a ram. I was overjoyed with Tessa because I only had to reinforce the lie down once!

After we ended all three dogs and I went into the big field where Bella and Reba commenced wrestling and running, and Tessa her snow roll. All in all it was a great day. One that makes you smile with happiness. Here's hoping for more great days!

In the pictures (left) Reba watching thru the fence for something interesting to happen.  (Right) Reba's little snout peering thru the rails.

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