Friday, January 9, 2009


This week in the mail I received my DNA kits from AQHA (quarter horse). With the quarter horse registry if you want to register any foals the sire and dam must have their DNA on file. Next spring, I plan to breed Whiskey, this means I need to get a DNA sample and send it down to the states. Because I didn't want to do things in stages I had sent in Roxy's transfer, a request for parent verification, Buddy's paperwork (which hadn't been filed), a request for HYPP test, and I figured if I was doing all that I might as well toss in a request for DNA for Whiskey.

I had been waiting and waiting so was very excited when it finally arrived. Tearing open the package, I did a double take. The DNA kit (that cost something like $35 US) was a piece of paper. A bit confused I flipped around, finally settling down to read everything included. Basically, I need to tear off the top part, sign and date it then send it back to AQHA confirming I've taken the DNA. The bottom part includes a sticky section. Now I knew I'd need to collect a hair sample to send. What I didn't know was that I'd need to collect 50 mane or tail hairs with the root attached. 50 hairs seems like an awful lot. I'm envisioning a bald spot and an irritated horse. Then I fold up the paper, stick it in an envelope to go to a lab in California. Of course because I live in Canada I have to fill out an additional form certifying the health of the horse, put this in a second envelope, tape it to the first labeled Health something or other.

It's all seems rather complicated. Tomorrow I'll go out and do the two mares as I haven't received Buddy's stuff yet. I was rather disgusted when I realized Buddy's mom was a descendant of Impressive as I normally avoid those ones. Of course the HYPP (a genetic disorder) one cost more ($75 USish). I wonder if it'll be the same as the mares or different.

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