Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dog Daze

Yesterday I pulled up my big girl panties and worked all 3 of my dogs on sheep.  And I surprised myself.  I discovered that Diva - who has been on sheep holiday - has improved.  Who knew not working her would make her better?  Calvin, that's who.  She'll go back on holiday and I'll pop her back on sheep in December to see where we're at.  Ryder was awesome.  He's starting to figure out his commands.  For the direction commands he's about 50%, walk up and lie down he's at 100%, and he's walking up further and further away from me in a drive situation.  Tessa got a tune up.  We worked on rounding out our flanks and being more crisp to take the commands.

Today, I picked up Lynne and Zoey and drove to Gibbons to walk with Stacy and Luke.  It was really cool to see the four pups together.  After our trek along the river valley, we played on the agility equipment.  Well, I didn't but Lynne and Stacy did.  Luke had to show off his skills.   Here's some video of him working.  It's not edited - just straight off the camera but you'll get the gist.

To help with winter boredom, I found and bought some weave poles that I'm going to set up in my basement.  I think it'll be good to play with when we can't do much outside due to arctic and snow conditions.  Next, I plan to find a couple jumps to add to the collection.  This will be something I can do with the three dogs when we're housebound.

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