Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I've been going out to the barn to longe Whiskey.  Call me paranoid but I want to make sure she's getting enough movement.  To be honest, I'd been contemplating giving her away to a good home.  And I can't!  I just love her so much.  She cracks me up.  This mare loves to work.  When we stand in the alley leading into the arena, she gets more alert.  I'll snap the longe line on, lead her in, and watch her move into a long trot.  She'll snort and blow, with a head toss for variety.  A cluck brings on a ground eating canter.  I'll have to get some video of her doing this.  It's so clear in her expression and behavior how much she loves having a job.  I feel bad she's not sound enough to get one.

All I know for sure is she's incredibly enjoyable to be around.


MTWaggin said...

So even though YOU are worried about her getting enough movement what is really important is that the two of you are getting time together and she is getting mental and physical exercise! Heart Horse!

Corinna said...

a love to work and a desire to please is the very top priority I have when I am looking to train with a good horse. I'm going to start training a new young one to start jumping this weekend, and fingers are crossed that she wants to please me the best she can!