Monday, October 10, 2011

Murphy's Law

What is it with animals that they can't get sick during normal vet working hours?  Why do they have to wait until the clinic closes for the holiday weekend?  I hate calling the vet after hours but that is what I did yesterday.

Saturday night Tessa begged and pleaded to be let out more than once.  Sunday my mom and I took the three Borders for a walk in the local grazing reserve.  It was there that I realized my little Tessa was not feeling so good.  The poor girl squatted, and squatted.  Watching what was coming out of her I knew she needed some intervention.  I wasn't willing to let it ride out for another two days so I called Sam.  She's such a great person.  She went to the clinic and put some meds in the mailbox for me to pick them up.  We started Tessa on PeptoBismal and some kind of antibiotic.  (Huge honking horse sized pills!)

Throughout the day I kept my eye on Tessa.  She mostly slept.  And yes when she went outside I ruthlessly watched her "stool".  She's seems to be a bit better but still isn't her normal self yet.  If she's still having problems she'll go into the vet on Tuesday for a check up.

Lucky girl gets a bath today before company arrives to remove the "trailers" off her hind end...

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MTWaggin said...

Poor Tessa. Maybe just get out the clippers for that bum?!

This time of year and just after thawing in the spring we seem to go through different intestinal bugs here as well. It hasn't frozen here yet so I think that there are lots of rotting organisms around too. And yes, mine ALWAYS get sick on Saturday after the vet clinic closes!