Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I'm in the midst of a freak out.  (And immediately scrolling through my head is the song ...freak out, c'est chic... don't know the rest of the lyrics, and there's a really good chance those are wrong...)  No seriously.  I'm having a wee bit of a panic attack/guilt attack.  On Monday I took possession of my new digs.  However, I'd been having a dilly of a time making sure the utilities were transferred into my name.  Major fear and paranoia over frozen water lines - it is that time of year here.  After jumping through ridiculous hoop after hoop everything was finally sorted out yesterday evening.

On Monday, when the realtor handed over the keys and we did our walk through I was oh so happy to discover the missing baseboards - still missing, the massive manure pile - still massive, and the icing on the cake.... they had cut the electric fence and pulled off the power source.  Lovely.  Literally sawed through the tape/line.  To put it politely - I was annoyed.  It's the principle of the thing.  My realtor managed to get the manure pile removed yesterday, but the rest is now my work project.  To compound things I've been getting home late.  Making for wild and crazy dogs.

Whiskey is still at the stable, letting her bag dry up.  I've been fretting about having her inside with winter swiftly approaching.  The plan is to move her to my new place for the next few weeks.  This way she can continue developing her winter coat, and is in a safe place removed from her baby.  This means hauling enough squares to feed her, and ensuring the previous owners junk is gone from the barnyard area.  Add to that stripping the now useless and slack electric wiring off the fencing.  (Heart attack if she got caught up in it!)

Let's not forget I have a major and slightly massive paper due on Monday.  Or that my report cards need to be done immediately after that.  Oh AND I'm moving.  Or trying to before the snow flies.  Garck!  Did I take on too much??



The Canadian said...

Wish I lived closer so I could come help!! I am willing to help when I come up there mid Novemeber.....

MTWaggin said...

You can freak out - it is totally okay THEN stop, take a deep breath - come on do it with me....breathe innnnnnnnn, sighhhhh out! Make a list (write it down) and start ticking things off as you can. :) Wish I too were closer I'd be there to help!