Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Done Deal

Today I closed the deal.  Today I took a gigantic step.  Today, I closed conditions on my own little property.  It's 3 acres which is smaller than my dream farm, but it's a step in the right direction.  It has a little barn, is fenced with a waterer.  It has a lovely little yard for me to putter about, and a heated garage that I'm going to put a dog door into.  I'm then going to fence the back yard and the dogs can then go into the garage (a sectioned off space) or out in the yard while I'm away at work.  It breaks my heart to leave Bella behind but I'm convinced she wouldn't be happy - nor my neighbors with all her barking.  We'll see, I'm supposed to be in an animal friendly area.  Maybe come spring Bella and a couple of sheep will also move in with me.  This winter it'll be the Borders and me.  Come spring the horses will make the move.  The sheep are up in the air.  I'll have to feel things out.


The Canadian said...

Congrats, girl!! Let's go shopping!!!!!!!!

MTWaggin said...

Wow big step but you sound totally excited and happy! Can't wait to see pictures - HINT HINT!