Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weaning Time

It's that time of year.  Where in the natural cycle of things the babies leave the nest.  Figuratively speaking.  Yesterday afternoon, I brought the horses in, tossed down some hay, caught Whiskey and loaded her up to take her away for a week or so.  I thought things would be easier if they couldn't hear each other.  My hope was that this would be the safest way to do things.  After consulting with Rhonda and GB - very experienced breeders - the decision was made to take Whiskey to their stable.  This would leave Guinness in a familiar environment with his buddy Bacardi.  

As I drove off, Whiskey started to call and Bacardi answered but no one started to run around.  At the stable Whiskey was a bit bug eyed but settled into her stall fairly easily.  When I checked on Guinness and Bacardi they were both contentedly eating their hay.  


"Where's Whiskey?"

"I guess I'm OK..."

"Where's my baby?"

"I guess I'll survive..."
I went and longed Whiskey today, just to make sure she was getting enough movement.  Her poor udder is full to the top.  Youch!


Sandra said...

They are so gorgeous. And I love the picture with the cat on the back. That is just awesome. Hopefully, one day, I have a horse again, too :)

MTWaggin said...

Wonderful photos and just shows you have a momma and baby with very nice stable temperments. YAY!

The Canadian said...

YIpppeeee! Glad the weaning went well!! Poor Whisky! It's hard to let go of your baby!! I totally understand!!!