Friday, October 14, 2011


I have much to write about but have been silent.  Quite simply I have a few irons in the fire and not enough time to go around.  Next week I should have big blog coming. 

Here's a mini-update. 

Diva - is becoming more and more personable.  I really believe having her in the house and learning how to do the dominance roll thingy has been transformational for her.  She's starting to seek me out for attention and is intensely interested in play.  Something that has been slow to come for her.  Yesterday, while I was working on my university course she came up to me and put her feet in my lap.  She then leaned her body into mine while I ran my hand down her side.  When I move from room to room she is starting to follow and want to be near me.  The thing that excites me the most is when we play with the flying squirrel she's starting to tug.  She'll even chase after it (but not retrieve it).   When tugging she's starting to make little grunting and growling sounds.  I'm considering this to be growth in her development in a happy healthy dog.  When we go out in public or have company there is no snapping, barking or bad behavior.  I'm quite pleased with her right now.

Ryder - has been getting the short end of the stick.  No working sheep the poor fellow... but he's been getting some nice walks and play time.  He continues to demonstrate an outstanding personality.  He's learning quite quickly about things.  Overall I'm very happy with him.  Mom and I plan to make arrangements to start bringing him to school for short bursts and begin the process of getting him ready to do some therapy work.  (All supervised and slow transition.)  I think he'll be tremendous dog in that manner.

Tessa - has been getting stiffer with the cold weather looming.  I'm planning on taking her for some chiropractic to see if it helps her movement.  She's been pretty happy and in touch with reality.  We had two days of confusion, which for us is pretty minor.  She continues to love to play but is a super grump around the young dogs.  I like to say she's the fun police.  I bought her a new dog bed that she's been spending a lot of time in.  So much that when I'm working I move it into the office for her to use.  She's had a couple of accidents but for the most part we're maintaining the improved quality of life from the summer.

Whiskey - is looking fairly sound.  I'm contemplating hopping on her and seeing what she'll do.  It'll be weaning time soon.  The other night Oscar went for a ride on her.  She only put her ears back when he started kneeding her...

Guinness - is leading consistently and demonstrates he has his mom's stellar personality.  I love this little horse.  He's been a treasure to work with. 

Bacardi - is in limbo.   She's getting fat - which is nice as she came to me quite lean.  I've contacted one of my friends and she may go into a riding program for the winter as a lesson horse.  We'll see.  More needs to be decided there.  All I know is there is no time to ride.  It's been a couple of months since I've rode and I miss it.  If she doesn't go to the barn, I'll be doing some bareback jaunts this winter.


MTWaggin said...

Oh so busy girl but glad to hear all the critters (and apparently you) are doing well.

The Canadian said...

You are one busy girl! Glad to hear the pups are happy and healthy and learning!!!