Friday, October 21, 2011

There's Always Plan B

With the purchase of my new acreage, which was OVER my limit, it's making me have to shuffle a few plans and dreams.  This okay.  I know things will still happen in due time.  Because this place was 15 000 over my preferred price, I'm having to use some of my horse fund to purchase things and get my new home up and running.  This means no new cutting horse this winter.  I've had Bacardi listed in a variety of places and the only nibbles I've had have been inappropriate.  (Just because a horse has training does NOT make them a children's horse.)  Last night I called a man I used to know back in the roping days.  In January, Bacardi will head to Camrose for two months of professional rope horse training.  I respect the man who I've talked to.  This family has won multiple team roping championships.  Many of these on horses they've trained.  We share a similar philosophy when it comes to how we train and ride.  This is important. 

They'll work with Bacardi in the box, and evaluate whether she'll make a head horse (my first preference as this is what I used to do) or heel horse.  And then they'll put miles on her.  She'll get roped off and started right.  And this will leave me with a horse to putter around on.  A horse I can go rope off, turn back on or just ride.  With this added money and time put into her I probably won't put her up for sale again.  That being said, I have not let go of my cutting horse dream.  I will continue to whittle money away and I'll continue to have a relationship with Jason and Chrissy.  I just recognize things will be moving a little slower for me. 

Here's to Plan B!


MTWaggin said...

Oh and every time you see your lovely home, your horses there with you, your dogs out on the acreage you'll know you made the right choice!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your new home! :)

Bacardi is a nice horse, glad you decided to invest more training in to her.