Saturday, March 6, 2010

Road Apples!

Is it possible for someone to be cursed?  I have to wonder when this vicious streak of bad luck is going to come to a screeching halt overcome by lucky horseshoes and an overall positive vibe that I zealously put out into the world around me.  I'm the person who smiles brightly at supermarket checkout people, who unfailingly tells anonymous fast food workers please and thank you. (I thought everyone did this but according to a study - apparently not.)  Some days I wonder what precisely it is that I'm doing wrong.

In the last two weeks I have discovered Joey's prospective buyer *cough Tyrel Pole cough* was not going to purchase the dog even though he told me he would.  And on Thursday I discovered he's perhaps, let's just say a big talker.  Obviously not knowing me he didn't know that I follow up on things and details.  Details like - no he's not buddies with my trainer, as my trainer doesn't know him.  It makes me wonder about just what other things he exaggerates about.  It makes me cranky.  So now, poor Joey is back to square one, trying to find his forever home.  

Thursday was also the day I was off to the trainers to take a lesson and try out my new mare.  I was positively glowing with happiness.  And then my perpetual cloud of luck kicked in.  You see, the mare, who had been fine for the previous two weeks with Jason, flipped her cookies.  Yep - she came unglued.  Jason, so kindly offered to get on her first and was the one dealing with the flip out.  But long story short, my project is no more.  He wouldn't sell her to me (Thank Goodness!!) and we'll continue on our search for something I can play and learn on.  I was really pumped about this horse so now I'm on a bit of a let down.

Good news is that Whiskey appears to have clean enough skin to start riding her.  Knock on wood!!!!

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The Canadian said...

wow, if it weren't for bad luck, Andrea, you wouldn't have any at all.....