Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ready or Not

Over the past few weeks I have been playing with an idea.  One I'm not sure if I'm entirely comfortable with.  I think, I'm pretty sure actually, that Whiskey is going up for sale.  This decision really tears me up because she is such a great horse.  However, the direction I'm moving with the horses isn't where her strengths and skill set lies.  She needs a home that will love and appreciate her as much as I do.  But even more, one that will use her, give her a job to do.  

Whiskey is a social creature.  She likes to be worked.  She really likes to have a job to do.  And let's be honest here, having her sit in the field is not her optimal life.  This is the horse that comes running when you call her name.  The horse whose head flies up into the air when my car pulls into the driveway.  This is the horse who needs more than I'm giving her right now. 
In two weeks, I'll start riding her again.  I'm about 99% sure her hock will hold up because she's been running through the deep snow and isn't having any problems.  I'll ride her and leg her up throughout the month of April.  Once May begins she's going to Marci Powell to be assessed on the barrel racing side of things.  I think she'd be good at it.  She loves to run, is strong and powerful, and has a great mind.  Marci will let me know if this is an avenue for the horse to continue pursuing or if she doesn't have the right qualities to make a competitive barrel horse.  

This is the plan as it stands.  But then again we all know about Plan A, and then what really happens!

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