Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pee Dog

Sitting in my office busily working, I was enjoying the warm sun shining in making the room nice and cozy.  As is the norm when I'm home, Tessa was lying by my feet.  I had moved her dog bed into the room so she could have a nap on a soft surface.  

I could hear her scratching around making her nest.  Smiling, I turned around to look at her furry cuteness.  Eyes widening I noticed a yellow liquid moving out from under her.  She was peeing on her bed!  And she didn't seem to care.  Tessa was still prepared to lie down on her bed.  As I told her to stop she moved off the bed, looking at her in puzzlement I asked her why she did it.  (Yes, I know she's a dog and not likely to answer!)  

Normally when Tessa does something naughty she gets the classic doggy guilty look.  The one where the ears kind of tilt, and the tail comes in, head gets lowered prior to her slinking off somewhere to hide.  But today she just looked at me in sleepy confusion.  She followed me as I carried her bed off to the bathroom, stripping the cover off in the tub.  She didn't seem to think she'd done anything wrong.  Even as I type this she's sleeping in the sun beam at my feet. 

This has led me to wonder, is this normal behavior?  Do dogs routinely mark and sleep in their scent?  Or is Tessa a bit "off"?  Nothing in any of the dog books I've read has talked about this particular issue.

Looks like some research is in order.


The Canadian said...

Poor Tessa, hope she is ok.

RuckusButt said...

Definitely not normal. It could be just momentary "weirdness" but it sounds like she was incontinent and didn't even realize she was peeing. There can be many causes of this in dogs, you might want to look it up, especially if it happens again. I had a dog who became incontinent behave similarly, since she wasn't able to control it, she never got the guilty look.

Country Girl said...

Thanks for the input! I think I'll run it by my vet when I go pay my bill this week.