Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Border Power

Okay is a powerful word.  How powerful?  Well, powerful enough to jerk me forward.  This afternoon for the first time in eons I took my dogs for a run down the road.  Normally, Joey and Reba run on leash with me and Tessa off leash in the ditch, however this would be Tessa's first running excursion post broken leg so I wanted to keep her on a level surface.  This meant three dogs on leash and running with me.  
On a good day this would work well.  I don't mind my dogs running in front of me.  In fact it's easier.  I do mind them pulling me forward.  Now in their defense I have not been running with them and such have not been working with them on their manners.  All three dogs literally leaped forward when I gave them the okay command.  I knew they were excited I just didn't realize how excited.  

My run for the first half went by a pretty good clip with the dogs jockeying for position.  When we turned onto the gravel road that they believe is gopher alley we had another jolt of speed.  Each dog in turn wound up the dog next to it.  Have I mentioned how peaceful and enjoyable this run was?  

By the time we turned for home Tessa and Joey were slowing down and only Reba had energy to burn.  I was keeping a pretty close eye on Tessa watching for any sign of a limp but other than being stiff and out of shape she did well.  

With spring in the air it's my mission to get those dogs back on their running program.  Next time though I'll do some leash work prior to the run.  (We do a lot of off leash work.)

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The Canadian said...

Now if only we could use a little border power in a race.....we could have used them in Banff at Melissa's! ha ha!