Sunday, March 21, 2010

Change of Heart

Surprise, surprise I've had a change of heart.  I've decided to pull Joey from the market and keep him.  He has made so much progress these last few months that I want to keep working with him.  The other day, in a rush, I didn't check to see if all the cows had cleared the watering area before I moved gates and let the horses in.  

With one cow mixed in with the horses and sheep I needed some help.  Grabbing Reba by the collar I called Joey over.  Gesturing in the direction of the cow I shooshed him up.  Looking at me a little confused (he's always on sheep at my place) he quietly walked up to the cow and bit her hock.  Using my shrillest happy voice I told him how wonderful he was and he came trotting back to me for some pets.  Doing it again I once more asked him to move the cow.  Same thing, a nice quiet approach and a bite to get her moving.  

The next day I put him on the sheep.  And he's actually slowing down.  He's starting to rate and isn't in a crazed or hyper state when we work for increasingly long periods of time.  We even did some directional work.  I was so pleased with him.  The bonus was that all of this was done freely - no cord in sight!

My plan is to move him onto cattle permanently and hopefully try our hand at some cattle trials.  


The Canadian said...

Do all the men in your life see the shrill, happy voice as something they want to evoke from you? He he!!

Country Girl said...

I wish!! Can you imagine the facial expression...