Sunday, March 7, 2010

Waiting Patiently

There are certain times of the year when my "homework" increases dramatically. This is one of those times of year. My biggest problem is that when the weather is nice I'd rather be outside. For me staying in the house and working is the equivalent of shoving slivers of glass under my fingernails. Positively painful.

This morning I went out, fed, and let the dogs out so they could play. On a normal day I'd take them for a run or I'd go for a walk in the back with them. Today, they were released from their runs to enjoy some "free" play while I headed back into the house to work. I'd periodically get up and go check on them to see how they were doing and to ensure they were not getting into any monkey business. I had even given each of the dogs their own "bull stick" to help keep them occupied.

As I was working I could see a shadow periodically passing by. Looking up and out the window, there was Joey, pacing past the window. Smiling, I called his name. Stopping he came up and looked in. You could see it on his face, he was saying "Mom, it's beautiful out, why don't you come and play?" And there I was tied to the desk.

The next time I looked up was to hear a scratching sound. Joey had decided to dig a little nest in the flower bed by my window, where he promptly lay down to wait for me in the sun.

I've included a picture of him taken from inside the house. He sure is a cute little bugger.

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The Canadian said...

He really is cute!!! Awwww!