Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Monday, while running around the sheep at Ken's I noticed a familiar face.  Over the past few years I had periodically borrowed sheep from Ken.  Bapper (the lead sheep with the black eyes) just happened to be one of them.  Ken, bless his heart, did not laugh at me when I panted out "Is that Bapper?".  He knew exactly what I was talking about.  I was escatic to see him again.  

After Bapper left my place he had moved on to another one of Ken's friends.  I must admit that I've wondered what became of him.  Bapper was my buddy.  When my car would pull up into the yard or he'd hear me outside he'd start baaaing for me.  Hence the name Bapper.  Bapper is a cool sheep.  He used to scratch his forehead on Bella's teeth.  He'd also lead the brigade of sheep back to wherever I happened to be standing in the field, only to stand and settle at my feet.  No mowing me down from this guy.  (He's a wether - meaning he's a fixed male.)  

By the time the end of April rolls around I'll need to have some sheep that are not pregnant.  I'm going to ask Ken if I can buy 3 of his wethers, Bapper being one of them.  They say sheep can remember 10 different faces and can differentiate between anger and happiness, so I have to wonder if Bapper remembers me too.

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