Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Savings Time

I fully and completely despise daylight savings time. The one that occurs in the fall where you gain an hour of extra sleep I can deal with, but the one that occurred Saturday night is torturous. I hate that 2 days ago I was waking up with daylight and now I'm banished back to the dark. I hate that it messes with the animal's schedules. (Case in point, Tessa's blurry eyes this morning when I dragged her out of bed to do her business before I left for work.)

Does anyone know the purpose behind this barbaric practice? I've heard a number of theories. One is that it occurs for the airlines. How this helps the airlines I'm not entirely sure. Another is that it's to save on energy costs. Except if you live where I live you don't save anything because the lights are on either in the morning or the evening. I do know the reason we do here is because our trading partners in the United States do it so when need to be on the same time schedule. This year the saving has occurred a full six weeks earlier than normal. Why? Because that's what the Americans wanted. (I shake my fist at you! No seriously over this I really do!)

Right now I wish we were like Saskatchewan who refuses Daylight Savings Time. They say the animals don't care about it and all they want is to get fed on time. I wonder what a person would have to do to get this province to follow suit.

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