Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Case of the Disappearing Cat

Today is Moxie's yearly appointment with the vet.  Being a farm cat she is not always close to the house, so when I saw her hanging out with the dogs, I quickly put on my boots and jacket and went out to grab her and put her into a crate.  Except when I went outside the cat was gone.  The dogs were still playing where I saw them one minute ago.  The cat - vanished!

Walking around the yard I called for her.  Nothing.  Into the corrals and shelter system I go, still calling, nothing.  Giving up and prepared to go into the house, I fish Reba's dish out of her house and fill it with dog food.  While doing this I notice the dastardly sheep eating Roxy's hay, so with Reba at my side I head back into the corrals to drive them away.  And low and behold, there's the cat doing her business in one of the shelters out of the blowing snow.

I patiently wait, grab her and put her into her jail.  Where she was the whole minute earlier I have no idea, but I have her now, ready for her yearly trip.

Pictured: Moxie looking in the deck doors.

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