Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wanted: One Good Stud

As I sit in my bed with a wicked case of the flu/sinus infection, boredom drove me to the computer.  For the past hour I've been scrolling the Quarter Horse stallions at stud.  You see, all I want is one good stallion.  One who has cattle lines up close, nice neat cannons with well sprung low set hocks, nice conformation, and a great personality.  Let's not forget I'm being cheap and have no wish to spend copious money on a stud fee for a first foal.  Am I asking too much?  

The original plan was to breed Whiskey to Buddy's sire this year (Doc Zannie), but Buddy's extreme growth has spooked me.  Plus the good names, the ones I like are far enough back that they wouldn't show on my baby's papers.  I really like the Two T Ranch breeding, having rode one of their horses (Two T Rebel Gold).  Yeller was an athletic, nice minded horse.  Unfortunately importing semen or traveling into the states for breeding can be a risky and expensive proposition.  Something I'm not ready to undertake at this point in time.  

Looking at Alberta cow bred stallions I've found a few that I don't mind but how do you decide which one is the one?  With Whiskey being more or less line bred Leo/Three Bars (I found 11 Three Bars and 9 Leo's on her 8 generation pedigree.) I want to stay away from those lines.  Whiskey also has oodles of run so I'm not very interested in the running lines.  I thought cow lines would make a nice cross.  Virtual looking I went, and this is what I found, but how do you choose?

Fairly close to home is a stallion called Boonlight Bar who has easy to sell babies.  Based on the picture I'm not sold on his build.  Another stallion I found that I thought had potential was High Brow Pep.  He is also a bit more expensive and a significantly longer drive.  Lynx Dry Doc seems nice too, with the bonus of being closer to home.  Mr. Smart Merada seems cute too, but I don't know if he's competed himself at all.  I really like the looks of Northern Young Gun he seems to get into the ground nice.  I love how Whata Sansation looks when he cuts a cow but he doesn't have any of the trendy cow breeding you see in the cutting pen right now.  The last stallion, High N Wicked I checked out has great breeding but doesn't seem to dig deep into the dirt when working a cow (at least as far as one can tell from the pictures).  One final consideration is if the stallion participates in the Canadian Supreme nominations.

So that's where I'm at.  I know I'll need to get into my car and do some driving to see these stallions in real life.  After all one of my biggest criteria is a nice moving athletic horse and you just can't tell that from a picture.

In the picture:  Whiskey - Wanted One Good Man...

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