Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hair Shirt

For the past few years I've kept Whiskey in a deluxe, heated barn with an indoor arena.  This really has spoiled me to the reality of owning horses in this climate.  You see, I had forgotten just how much hair an outside horse can shed.  Whiskey has just gotten started with the shedding bit.  But Roxy coated my clothing.  The whole arm of my jacket was covered in a horse hair sleeve.  My baseball cap (new and pink!) now has red hair decorations.  I gacked and sputtered the hair out of my mouth.  I strategically tried to rub the hairs off my chap stick coated lips.  I made gyrating faces to try and rid my nose of the hairs sticking dangerously close to the nostrils.  I blew my breath up my face to try and dislodge the hair that was determinedly clinging to my glasses.  And I marvelled at how much hair one little horse can produce with no obvious effect on the amount on her body.

Here's to the hair shirt I'm sure I'll be wearing for the next month or so.  Ain't spring grand?

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