Saturday, March 28, 2009

Decision Time

I've a had a wonderfully productive day.  I've decided to start going to some of the local open horse shows.  The only problem with that is when I quit showing years ago I also sold off a huge chunk of my stuff.  Today I went to a tack swap and purchased a new to me western show shirt, a western show bridle (a Dale Chavez design) and two neck/hood slinkies for pre-show nights.  All in all, I'm quite tickled with my purchases.

I also sat down and narrowed some stallion choices for Whiskey.  The lucky four finalists that get inquiries and viewings are: Audacious Playgun, Boonlight Bar, Cactus Bar Smart and Heavensent Taco King. I plan to take a few days this week and go view the studs in person before making a final decision.

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Country Girl said...

I've also decided to investigate Classy N Dry Peppy.