Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not the plan...

Now, many of you know I've begun to rehab my shoulder.  I see a physio who works with me on strength exercises and focuses on the nerve damage in that area.  I also see a massage therapist.  I'm not talking about the massage therapist you go see at the spa with the scented candles.  I'm talking about a person who only does deep tissue and therapeutic rehabilitative massage.  Having this done to you is actually quite painful. 

I have bruises on my back and shoulder.  I've been taking the migraine strength Advil like it's candy.  And I've still been getting migraine auras.  Basically, the muscles are so angry they are pinching something giving me wicked headaches.  My original plan when I got home from my meeting this afternoon was to go outside (its gorgeous out), brush the horses and play with the dogs.  

The reality?  I got home, took the maximum dosage of Advil and went to bed.  I feel bad.  I feel grumpy but I know I've got to grin and bear it if it's going to get any better.  Once I pried myself out of bed I did go play with the dogs but my hamburger shoulder just hurts too much to lift and hold a brush for my ponies.  

The truly frightening thing - is I have a very high pain tolerance level - doctors are always amazed with me.  And here I whine...

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