Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dinner Time

Tessa has the funniest meal routine I've ever encountered.  Generally, she won't eat unless I'm either present or in a nearby room.  She begins with bringing one or two of her favorite toys to her food.  Next she'll lay down with both toys conveniently located by her front paws.  Whining, squeaking, and making "erhnh, erhnh" sounds she alternates between the toys.  

After she feels sufficient time has passed she carries one of her toys to her dishes, where she continues to make her moaning sounds.  Eventually she'll take a bite of her food, mouth and moan with her toy, before taking another bite.  Next she'll have a drink of water and gradually finish her dinner.  The whole process can take upwards of fifteen minutes.  

Some days I wonder if she feels the need to tell me how wonderful her dinner is.  If dogs could talk...

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