Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Problem Solver

By nature, I'm a problem solver.  I'll worry and work over an issue until I stumble upon a possible solution.  I've been pondering Grant's lack of dog situation and last night I had an eureka moment with a potential solution.  While browsing through the various classified ads I came upon some puppies for sale.  Now for the past few months I've been thinking about experiencing training a stock dog that is not a Border Collie.  If you know me you'd know I'm pretty hard core with the belief that the Border Collie is the best herding dog - ever!  

But I think in order to be a skilled trainer you must be able to work with all breeds.  So I've been chewing on that.  And I've been chewing on Grant's situation.  Last night I put them together.  I found some puppies for sale that are 1/4 Australian Shepherd, 1/4 Blue Heeler and 1/2 Kelpie.  They are not too expensive by stock dog standards and have become the germ of my idea.

I'd like to purchase a puppy.  Send it to Grant.  Take it back at about a year old and put the training into to it, then give it back to Grant.  Grant gets a dog.  I get some experience working with a different breed.   This would prevent me from getting attached and wanting to keep said puppy.  Which for me is always a concern.  It's hard for me to keep a business type mindset when animals are involved.  I tried to get some pictures of the puppies up but couldn't get it to work, so here's the link to the ad.  Cute little devils aren't they?

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