Monday, December 1, 2008


Last night, Tessa and I made a quick trip to Calgary.  This is where her surgeon is located.  Today is officially week eight.  Meaning the splint comes off!  First they took her into the back to take a set of X-rays to see how well she has healed.  Then they meet with the owner (me) to discuss what things look like and what the next step is.  

Because Tessa is a high end dog, that is a high energy dog, it was recommended she go to rehab.  For the next eight weeks she'll slowly be brought back to a normal fitness level.  This will be wonderful news for my now tubby little girl.  Tessa doesn't want to walk on her paw just yet, but I'm told this will change.  Tomorrow I contact the Edmonton Veterinary Rehab Clinic.  Apparently they have a doggy swimming pool, which is a highly recommended exercise.  

I'm counting down eight more weeks before Tessa hypothetically could start working her sheep again.  Yay!

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