Monday, December 15, 2008


Moxie arrived about a month before Bella. As there is a crazy cat who lives near the house, we made Moxie an insulated cat house, filled it with straw and put it in with the square bales. When Bella arrived she had been living outside and in an uninsulated shelter with her mom and siblings (with sheep). Being the paranoid person I am, I of course worried Bella would be too cold (it was bloody cold when I got her). So she was moved into the hay shed with Moxie. Bella is no longer the small fluff ball puppy, rather she's a 70 pound barking, coyote chasing machine. Bella is anticipated to mature at around 100 pounds. (She's adolescent lean.)

While Bella no longer lives in the hay shed, Moxie's house remained behind. Last night doing my night check I discovered Moxie had also moved out of the hay shed. She was sitting with Bella in her straw pile. Not wanting her to freeze her ears I moved her house out to Bella's space. Now I have no idea if Moxie actually used it last night. I have my doubts. This afternoon I noticed Bella curled up beside the barn. Moxie sitting on top of Bella's back, also curled up. I wish I had had a camera.

An animal's capacity to love is a beautiful thing to behold.

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