Thursday, December 4, 2008


Tessa's freshly splint free leg looks strangely shriveled. It's considerably smaller and floppier than her other legs and feet, in addition to having all sorts of interesting looking scars, rubs and tender bits. She basically has a bit of a Frankenstein vibe going.

Her commercial dog boots fit too tight and have too rough of a seam for her to wear right now. Initially, I tried to rig an old sock to put on her leg for when she goes outside. After a number of socks gone missing I decided to call upon a friend for some help. One of my friends has a commercial sewing machine and makes horse paraphernalia. So I asked her if she was up for the challenge of making a Tessa boot.

Last night we spent 2 hours cutting and figuring to create the ultimate custom dog boot. Except I'm having issues keeping it on her. Because her leg is so floppy nothing wants to stay put. I've been experimenting with using an old tensor bandage clipped to the boot to help it stay put. But the tensor has a bit too much stretch and with each step her boot gets lower and lower.

The challenge here is not in creating the boot. It's in creating a boot that will protect her tender toes from the elements, as well as stay on without aggravating any of her ouchy areas. Tomorrow I'm going to use an old piece of fabric clipped to the boot and see if that help. I have a feeling my boot adventure won't be over soon.

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