Friday, December 19, 2008

Training Time

I'm waiting for December 21 on pins and needles. This marvelous date is the shortest day of the year here in the Great White North. (Is it the shortest for everyone in this hemisphere?) This means I'll be eventually be able to train my coterie of animals after work. Currently the animals are getting the short straw when it comes to training time. Its somewhat of a challenge to train by yard light. When Tessa's in working mode I've practiced arena herding skills illuminated by the yard lights, a flashlight and a miner's light (the ones you wear on your head). So while do-able it is clearly not ideal.

Reba currently gets two training sessions a week, both on the weekend. While I'm willing to work the dogs when it's miserably cold, I'm not willing to saddle up my colt and continue with his ground work. (I have the feeling he'd not appreciate my efforts and it's too hard to hold onto things with mittens.) So I sit and wait and fret about my babies sitting idle with no training progress. Watching the days pass by I know after the 21st it can only get better. Now if the weather would just cooperate...

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