Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Doggy Physio

Today while I was working, my mom kindly took Tessa in for her consultation with the vet at the Edmonton Veterinary Rehabilitation Clinic. The clinic was recommended for her care by the surgeon who placed the plates and screws into her metacarpals (paw bones). This clinic will be doing the doggy equivalent of physiotherapy with Tessa. Even though I anticipated what types of things they'd plan for her, I was still surprised be just how similar her treatment plan is with past treatment plans I received while undergoing physiotherapy for various injuries.

Tessa's current treatment plan is for four weeks, with a re-evaluation during week four to decide any further action. She will receive one hour of treatment twice a week for the next four weeks. Yes, this is going to cost an arm and leg! But it will be worth it if she's happy, healthy and working. (Working goes a long ways to making her happy.) Tessa will use the Underwater treadmill to begin to redevelop muscles that are weak from being in a splint. She will have manual therapy in the clinic including ultrasound, laser, icing, heating, stretching, range of motion, possibly electrical stimulation and massage. (I had all of these things when I tore my ankle up!) She will also be sent home with a "home exercise program".

At this point in time the vet anticipates needing an eight week program. (I however am only committing to a four week program then deciding based on progress.) I find the similarities slightly amusing. Even the costs are similar. Except Tessa is NOT covered by my excellent health plan. I'm beginning to see the benefits of having pet insurance.

The vet who is leading Tessa's program has specialized training making this her area of expertise. I'm attaching a link to the clinic site. ( All in all it's pretty cool what they can do with animals these days.

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