Saturday, November 29, 2008

Epsom Salts

I've always been a firm believer in the magic of Epsom Salts. They have the miraculous ability to take something that hurts and make it not hurt as much. You can use them to make a poultice for your horse, you can soak in them yourself. Fabulous!

Today I went to Ken's to deliver Flint, as someone is coming to look at him. Of course I also brought Reba. If I'm going to make the trip, I might as well make it a productive trip and work a dog while I'm there. The session started out with Ken being impressed with how well Reba is coming along. As Ken gave me various pointers, things he noticed, I worked to follow his directions, while paying attention to the sheep and dog. Remember Reba is still a puppy and something of a wild card. We hadn't bothered to cut any of the sheep off the herd so I was working with around a dozen sheep. This was probably not the best idea.

As I cut across the herd, trying to cut Reba off at the pass, she changed directions and began walking into the sheep. This caused the sheep to begin walking towards where I was. Realizing that I wasn't going to make it to the side of the herd, I began cutting up the middle of the herd. Then the unthinkable happened. One of the Barbados's horns caught my left arm, at the same time a woolly sheep shoved through my right leg, knocking it up into the air. With my arm caught in the horn I was pulled down, under the herd of sheep. Pulling my arm free, wildly waving my stock cane I rolled my legs over my torso and covered my head with my arm, watching sheep hooves and bellies go over my body. Meanwhile Ken is yelling at me to "Lie down the dog." Uhhh, I kinda had other things on my mind. Like not taking a horn or hoof to the head or belly.

I roll to my feet and get the dog stopped. I hurt but nothing is broken. I brush off the dirt and continue working Reba. After Reba, I put Flint through his paces for Ken. Feeling sore and thinking nothing of it. At least until I've worked both dogs and go to sit in my car. Every muscle in my body protests. Loudly. Turning on the heated seats I drive the two hours home.

When I go to get out of the car I feel as though I've been hit by a truck. Nothing wants to work. I manage to get my chores done, and then I hit the Epsom Salt bath. I must admit I was a bit startled when I saw just how many different random scrapes and bruises I have, in addition to the slightly swollen left ankle and right knee.

While I may have a rainbow assortment of bruises, thanks to Epsom Salts I can move.

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