Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Reba First

Tonight I had planned to write about something else, however when I was doing my chores something happened that forced me to change my focus. One of those special moments. It's minus twenty-five degrees Celsius with the wind chill here tonight. (That's about 25 Fahrenheit.)

As usual the animals were all running about like wild things. Because Reba's young and doesn't seem to have as thick of a coat I'd expect, I've been watching her closely when the temperature drops. I have this deep and enduring paranoia about her getting too cold. I just worry she won't be able to stay warm enough in her little straw filled house. So each time I see her I pull my mittens off and put my hands on her, feeling for shivering. Any sign she needs to be moved into the barn with a heating pad.

Reba was fine as she has been on every instance when I check on her. She ran and played, ate snow and snoodled. Happy to be out of her kennel running around with me, "helping" me do chores. Occasionally stopping for a pet and a rub. Finishing my chores, I put Tessa back in the house, did a final animal check and headed back toward the house and Reba's kennel. When Reba came up for some pets. Leaning into my leg, she began bumping my hand with her snout for more pets. Reba never does things like this. She a very business-like dog. Not very needy and attention seeking. So I continued to pet her. Realizing she was feeling somehow out of sorts, in the softly falling snow I sat on the ground. She snuggled up close (which she never does) and leaned into my body. This is the first time in the 5 months I've owned the dog that she has actively sought out attention in this manner.

Even now I wonder what caused this change in behavior. Is it the weather? Has she finally decided I'm her human and bonded on a deeper level? If so, why? I'm fully and completely fascinated and wonder if she'll be like this later, or tomorrow.

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