Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This past spring some kind soul dumped a dog near one of the local golf courses. One of the ladies at work has been worrying and working towards finding this creature a home. During a lunch conversation she discovered I have a similar big white dog. This has sparked a number of conversations about what type of dog it is. As best as I can tell, based on the picture she gave me of the dog, it looks like a Maremma, and is definitely one of the livestock guardian dog breeds.

Pondering what would cause someone to be so cruel as to dump an animal it reminded me of an article I had recently read (sorry I can't remember where) about how responsible breeders should be careful who they sell their animals to. This would reduce or eliminate the issue of irresponsible owners. Makes sense.

Being the proud owner of a Maremma I can surely sympathize with the person who saw this adorable, fluffy, polar bear of a puppy. And their subsequent shock when this beautiful puppy grew into a gigantic dog. Not so cute anymore. Most livestock guardian dog puppies are not cheap. And good livestock guardians are highly coveted in the farm and ranch world. So how did this dog end up unwanted guarding a golf course?

Because this dog has been guarding the golf course. Diligently chasing coyotes and deer away. Clearly trying to do what it has been bred for centuries to do.

I've offered to assist in the search for a home for this lovely dog. Currently I don't feel I have enough land or stock to support having two guardian dogs. However, after explaining this dog's plight to my family, if necessary, we will foster the dog until a suitable farm home can be found.

Wanted one good home...

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