Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bates Australia Close Contact English Saddle - For Sale

Yes, to those enquiring minds.  I still plan to sell the saddle.  Mostly because using it would involve new horses.  Neither horse I currently own is particularly suited to going English.  I could use it for pleasure - however I really do love my cutting saddle and also enjoy riding in it.  It's comparable to an "English" feel.  So here's the saddle - in all it's glory.

It currently has a medium, medium narrow, and (2 ??) narrow gullets.  As best as I can measure it seems to have a standard/medium tree.  The tack store sticker said 17.5" seat but the sticker on the saddle says 17 - take that as you may.

I'm asking $1400 CND.  (This saddle retailed around $2000.)

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