Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Last night I banished the babies.  I've been waking up in the morning pinned down by them.  Yesterday morning I tried to kick and roll but the two of them had the covers so tight I couldn't move.  I've been waking up tired and stiff.  So, after a conversation with Sarge, I put up a baby gate and banished them from my bedroom.  I moved their beds out of the room, and set up things so they had a variety of comfy spots to snooze in the hall, kitchen and dining room.  The living room I leave blocked off as I don't want them on my leather furniture unsupervised.

Locking them out, I climbed into my bed.  Where I tossed and turned, riddled with guilt.  The look on their faces when they couldn't come snuggle in their usual places.  Tossing and turning I listened to Ryder pace the hallway.  Both dogs eventually settled in and went to bed.  But I, I couldn't sleep.  It was as though my furry security blanket had been taken away.  I've gotten rather used to the comfort of having Ryder with me.  (Diva often sleeps in her crate - her choice.)  And normally Ryder sleeps in his spot on the bed and doesn't bug me while I sleep.  Eventually I got up and took a Robaxin, hoping it would have dual function: make me sleepy and make my arms less ouchy.

To be honest I think the dogs are reacting to how stressed I've been feeling.  They've suddenly felt the need to be close to me.  Pushing their little bodies against mine while I sleep.

I do think that it's probably better practice to keep them out of my room.  But I sure miss their snuggles in the morning!

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