Monday, December 31, 2012

My Happy Place

With the weather warmer, I made the two hour trek to Ken's to work dogs and play with ponies.  It did my soul good.  I walked off his property with a smile on my face and peace in my heart.  Both dogs worked surprisingly well given the fact that they've had at least two months off.  Diva *be still my beating heart* actually is beginning to listen.  She's becoming so much easier to work with and is starting to work with me not against me all the time.  So wonderful.  Ken says she's starting to bond with me.  And Ryder is just so freak'n talented his lack of confidence makes it hard to take.  (Ken thought he was a beautiful worker - so it's not just me!)  Because there's so much snow here and my parents don't have large enough clear space to work dogs, I'll travel to Ken's throughout the winter to get the dogs worked.  

Sorry the pictures aren't the best.  I need a much fancier camera to get good shots as they move so fast and it was a dull overcast day.

Diva walking onto the sheep.

 Diva working on driving the sheep.

Ryder working on his flanks.  One of his weak areas.  

Love this shot of Ryder!


Ken working Ryder (this is how I managed to get pictures...)

I had to laugh when I saw this next picture.  While I was working Diva, huffing and puffing, I pulled up.  Ken talked to me a little bit and told me to get going.  Looking at him I suggested he work her for a few minutes.  Giving me a steely look he told me to get my arse in gear.  Keep in mind I had on long underwear and the heavy duty Sorel winter boots ~ and I do mean heavy!  Also keep in mind that I was tromping through snow.  Giving him a prune face look I said "What is this Andrea Fat Camp??"  He laughed and said "Apparently."  So when you look at the next picture you see Ken in action.  It's an excellent highlight about how when you're training stock dogs (particularly young ones) you don't stand around.

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