Saturday, December 22, 2012

Catch Up

As of Friday I went on Christmas break.  Over the past week I kept telling myself I just needed to make it to Friday.  After saying goodbye to Tessa I was tired.  Really, really tired.  Unfortunately the week following was a week of Christmas concert preparations and shopping.  (A special kind of hell on earth is Christmas shopping.)  One of the hardest things was telling the students about Tessa.  Rotten luck in them asking if I'd bring her (she did therapy work there last year) in.  Of course they ask the day after.  I need to start working with Ryder.  I see him making a wonderful therapy dog with more confidence and exposure.  The babies have been neglected.  It's been quite chilly here.  Big wind chills keep us trapped inside.

I've been feeding up the horses.  There really isn't much you can do other than give them free choice food.  They have shelter, bedding and water.  I did have them blanketed but pulled them off because unless the blanket is thick enough they do more harm than good.  (Pack down hair so the horses can't fluff up.)  Plus both need a size up for the blanket to truly fit properly.

Tomorrow I'll binge clean.  Makes me feel sooooo good to have a clean house.  This break I'll be working on my literature review for university.  I have a "date" with Ken. Pending weather.  We'll play with horses and work dogs.  I'm also dying to get some work done with Bugsy.  I'd love to see how she responds under saddle.  She's definitely quirky.  When you tie her up she gets a bit jittery.  Doesn't want to stand to be brushed.  I discovered she doesn't like the round rubber brush.  Sensitive?  She does better with the dandy brushes, even the rubber mitt.  I've noticed when she's loose she always wants to face up to me.  She's not comfortable with me by her side.  As soon as it warms up I'm going to try to untangle the crazy wind knots in her mane.  If I can't get them out I'm going to roach her mane.  She's looking better now that she's lost weight.  I'd love for the weather to cooperate so I can see "who" she is.  Sarge thinks she's going to turn out okay.  She's already shown improvement and I've spent a limited amount of time with her.  Today (while I froze my arse off) I scratched her neck.  She let out this shuddering sigh.  But - she's starting to trust me more.  :)

Hopefully the weather lets me get some quality horse time.  I've decided to choose a trick to teach the babies.  Realistically I should be working with Dee on obedience.  She knows her stuff - she just chooses what and when she wants to do.  I think if I can get her working more this will help.

This is plan A.  If the weather clears I'll get some pictures of the fur family.

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