Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Each morning I awake to joyful furry faces.  Ryder, my big suck, has taken to sleeping with me.  Every night he goes to bed with me and every morning I wake up to him curled up against my body.  When Ryder first came back to me he wanted to sleep with me, then he went through a stage of sleeping on the floor.  It's interesting to me how he wants to be back on the bed.

Diva has never slept with me.  However, the last few nights I've woke up to a dog curled up on each side of my body.  (And I wonder why I wake up tired...)

I have a Sunrise Alarm.  It's a light that gradually brightens and at the designated time softly beeps.  I'm usually awake before the beep.  It's funny.  The beep sends a message to the dogs.  They leap up from their spots, slide up my body until their little heads are by my chest or arms.  Then they snuggle in.  Ryder begins his intense licking (if I don't get my skin out of range).  Diva squeaks and groans, gives the odd power lick, and stretches her body along mine, her head on my chest or shoulder.  Lazily I'll begin petting and scratching them.

I love how joyfully they greet the day.  We as humans can learn something from this.  I love how excited they are to be with me.  I love how cuddly it feels with them snuggled up against me.  But most of all, I love how they love me.  (And I really love seeing Diva's little personality emerge!)


Liz Stout said...

I love this!

The Canadian said...

Dogs are a lot like toddlers, they greet the day sooo excited just to be awake and they love intensly! Mornings have gotten better ever since our 4 legged and 2 legged loved ones have joined our routine, eh?? Too bad they can't ever sleep in! Ha ha ha ha ha!!