Friday, December 28, 2012

Dog Training

I've started a daily regime of dog training.  Just for short bursts to help keep the babies minds occupied. Diva is working on "sit".  She knows it but tends to break from it.  Tonight she was pretty good.  Very alert and willing.  I'm beginning to wonder if Calvin (stockdog trainer from Wales) was right.  He felt she was immature and should be left to grow up.  We'll keep working on sit until it's concrete and can be consistently counted on in a variety of settings.  For variety I'm going to teach her to "sit pretty".  I'm also going to continue working with her on her fetch skills.  She's coming along but I think if I focus and reward she may get the hang of it.

Ryder I began with trying to get him to "high five" but I'm afraid we've done so much hand targeting that he wants to nose me.  I had to tap his feet to get him to pick them up and even then he preferred to drop into a "lie down".  So I switched to "sit pretty".  This went much better and he seems to be getting the hang of it.  With him I'm going to toss in "get back" because he kind of understands it.  I just need to get it consistent.  I'm also going to do some target work with a plastic lid.  I think at some point I'd like to start taking him to agility lessons, but the reality of that is it likely won't happen until fall.  I have far too much on my plate now to add more.

He's gotten quite good at "hide and seek".  Granted my house is small, but it's good practice for his "stay".

I've decided I'll get the babies trained this year - even if it kills me!

Focus, my friends.  Focus.

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Liz Stout said...

oooOO and then you'll come do Kenai right?? ;-)