Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dog Love

I've hated how I've been stressing out the babies.  They don't like it when I'm stressed or upset.  Earlier both dogs crawled on my lap and licked up the tears that were falling.  Diva, while capable of being a super brat, has become my little shadow.  She sleeps by my room.  (I'm trying to stick with the keep the dogs out of the bedroom rule.)  She gives me cuddles.  When I was unable to sleep on my bed and moved to the couch she crawled up into the nook behind my legs and slept with me.  She's funny because she likes having a pillow (for real) or headrest.  Here she makes due with my legs propping up her head.  Such a little monster she fights sleep until her heavy eyes just can't stay open any longer.

I love my dogs.


Liz Stout said...

Aww, I love your dogs, too. Good on them for being so awesome. I hope the worst of this emotional anguish is gone soon. Go play horse and go work sheep.

MTWaggin said...

Sterling does the pillow thing too...sometimes. That hardly looks like Diva in that shot cuz you can't see any of her white! :) They are comforting little monsters sometimes aren't they? Be better - good rid of the dude but I know it still hurts.