Friday, November 16, 2012

Dog Sitting

For the past week I've had a Boston Terrier named Clarus staying with me while her family vacations in San Diego.  She's settled in nicely with my little "pack".  I've been quite impressed with how Ryder has tolerated this pint sized brat.  She loves him.  He's allowed her to sniff and invade his personal space.  He's even playing with her.  Diva on the other hand...  has also been okay.  She doesn't like how Clarus walks underneath her and shoves her head up her rear end, but otherwise has been quite tolerant.  Clarus was a bit on the pudgy side, and even with me being sick has lost weight while here.  

I've been impressed with how gentle Ryder is when he plays with her.  Normally, he's a rough and tumble kinda guy.  

Break Time!

Play with me!

Please play Ryder!

Let's wrestle!

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