Sunday, November 18, 2012


Is Bugsy a bad name for a horse?  It seems to be sticking...

On Saturday, Derek (the farrier) came out and trimmed the horses feet.  Guinness was a little stinker.  He's telling me I need to be working with him.  Unfortunately it won't be this week.  This week I'll be working on report cards and literature review for grad school.  However, once this burst of work is finished I want to start working with him on "halter".  You know like show halter.  I also want to saddle him up a few times, lead him around, etc.

Martini, aka Bugsy, was okay.  Derek took a good inch off her feet.  Yes, the poor girl is a wee bit tender and that was all hoof wall, he left her sole alone.  It'll take a few trims to get her in "shape".  I didn't have any issue to catch her, however she was quite bug eyed the entire time.  When Derek went to work on her right side she actually spooked at him.  She was also a bit passive aggressive with her picking up feet manners.  Hence "Bugsy".  I wonder if this is her issue?  Being spooky?  I was dying to saddle her up and see what she's like under tack but the wind was vicious and icy.  That'll wait for another day.

I've also really noticed bad ground manners.  When feeding she'll do the head bob and shake at me.  This will stop.

The other thing I noticed is Guinness, when standing side by side with Bugsy, has a bum that's darn close to 15 hh.  Guinness won't be 2 years old until June...

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Liz Stout said...

My friend's favorite mare's barn name is Bug. This is because she bugged the shit out of my friend when she was a filly.

You're gonna have a tallllllllllll Guinness. ;-)