Monday, November 26, 2012

Makes Me Wonder - Is It Time?

My mom has been broaching the topic that perhaps it's time for Tessa to go to the green field in the sky.  I have been resisting.  My brother has been staying at the farm during his days off.  He said she had one of her "crazy" times.  Staring into space and seeming upset.  He said he talked to her a bit and she eventually came out of it.

She's been chewing on her feet.  We're sure she has arthritis as her feet are gnarly.  Even with anxiety and pain meds she's been bothering her feet to the point of redness.  Add to this she has theses lumps on her body.  Some I know are just fat deposits but there's a newer one that's getting bigger on her shoulder.  Add to this the fact that I found a TICK on her today.  It was huge.  I freaked.  I inspect her when I see her.  But I haven't been out to see her for a few weeks.  Between sickness and other issues it just hasn't happened.

I felt frustrated.  Are my parents taking enough due care and attention?  Do I take back "custody" of her even though I know she's happier at the farm?  Or is it time?  Is it time for me to "man up" and take her to the vet  before things get worse?  Before her quality of life completely deteriorates?

I am torn.  I love this dog so much.


Liz Stout said...


I guess it always comes down to is she happy? Is she in pain? So hard a decision to make. =( I send you strength!

The Canadian said...

OMG!! Such a hard decision! Coming from a person who just had to let her horse go, I understand your struggle. Just remember, all dogs go to heaven and she'll be waiting there for you a long long time from now when it is your turn to join her. HUGS!!!!