Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Attachment Disorder??

Ryder is such a big baby.  Today I'm home with something wrong with my neck.  Diva often won't "do her business" 1st thing in the morning.   Ryder always does when given the command.  So after breakfast I sent Diva outside into the run.  Ryder wanted to go too, but I kept him in the house with me.  As I brushed my teeth I listened to him cry, whine, howl and in general make a big stink about not going out with his sister - even though he was still with me.  I've seen this type of behavior from him when I crate him and no one is near him.

Last weekend Sarge pulled a fast one.  Ryder was being the fun police in the house, so when Sarge went to town for coffee, he grabbed Ryder and took him.  Ryder cratered.  He shoved his head under a bag and pouted.  This is a dog that loves truck rides and going places.

I know he gets separation anxiety.  So how do you help a dog become more confident independently?

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